Stingray Stimulus Plan

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Stingray Stimulus Plan Details

Through this program, Stingray will provide a total of $15 million in radio advertising grants to qualified, local businesses in markets across Canada where Stingray operates local radio stations.  Stimulant grants will range from a minimum grant of $1000 to a maximum of $100,000 in radio advertising per business.  Stingray Stimulus Plan grants are unconditional.  Businesses will not face any requirements to invest additional money with Stingray radio stations to receive the Stingray Stimulus Plan grant.

Effective May 7th, 2020, qualified local businesses in Stingray radio markets will have the opportunity to apply for an economic stimulus grant in the form of Stingray radio advertising online.  The application form will be available at  All completed applications are to be submitted electronically though  A Stingray representative will respond to all applicants acknowledging receipt of the application within 7 days of submission.

All applications will be reviewed and considered by Stingray.  The number of Stingray Stimulus Plan grants approved and the volume of advertising grants awarded will be subject to the total number of qualified applications submitted in each Stingray radio market. Grants will be determined and approved by the local Stingray radio management team based on their determination and weighting of relevant objective factors, including: immediate economic need, COVID-19 impact, social need, community benefit, and long term (macro-economic) benefit.

Should a business be selected as a grant recipient, they will receive official notice from Stingray via phone or email.

Grants are non-reciprocal awards, have no monetary or fair market value, are non-transferable and must be redeemed by the business that is awarded the grant.  Radio advertising grants must be redeemed in the market in which they were awarded on the radio stations indicated in the official notice received from Stingray.

Radio advertising grants will be converted into an equivalent number of commercials based on local prevailing rates for the applicable radio stations at the time the campaign is booked.

The Stingray Stimulus Plan shall continue until a minimum of $15,000,000 in total radio advertising grants have been awarded collectively by Stingray radio operations.  Stingray reserves the right to continue the program once the $15,000,000 stimulus has been awarded should it be deemed necessary.

For the purposes of the Stingray Stimulus Plan, local Canadian business is defined as any registered Canadian business, not for profit organization or charity that operates within 100 km of the designated municipality in which the applicable Stingray radio operation is located.

All of Stingray’s regular advertising Terms and Conditions ( apply with the exception of “advertising agency“ and “payment“ provisions. While this program is not intended for advertising agencies themselves, businesses that employ advertising agencies are welcome to apply.